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Terms of sale


The following text ("general conditions of sale") governs the terms and conditions of sale of the products marketed by AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls (the "products"). All contracts for the sale of products by AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls to third parties (the "customers") are governed by these General Conditions, which form an integral and substantial part of each proposal, order and confirmation of the purchase order of the products themselves. The sales conditions applicable to the order are those in force on the date of the order.

Any modification of transactions or conditions of payment that may be granted by way of derogation from the General Conditions will be valid only if AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls has accepted this condition in writing.
AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls, at any time and without notice, the contents of the General Conditions referred to in this document: these changes will take effect from the date of publication on the Site.La rappresentazione visiva dei prodotti sul Sito, ove disponibile, corrisponde normalmente all’immagine fotografica dei prodotti stessi ed ha il solo scopo di presentarli per la vendita, senza alcuna garanzia o impegno, da parte di AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls, circa l’esatta corrispondenza dell’immagine raffigurata sul Sito con il prodotto reale (con particolare riferimento agli aspetti cromatici dei prodotti).


The order sent by the Customer has the value of a contract proposal and involves the complete knowledge and full acceptance of these General Conditions.

The correct receipt of the Customer's proposal is confirmed by AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls by an answer sent to the Customer's email address. This automatic email only confirms the correct receipt of the proposal. The confirmation message will indicate the 'Order Number', to be used in any subsequent communication with AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls.

Each order is visible to the Customer in his personal area of the Site. As soon as the order is processed, the data contained within the personal area will be updated. Each Purchase Contract stipulated between AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls and the Customer must be considered concluded with the acceptance of the order by AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls.

AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls has the right to accept or not, at its discretion, the order sent by the Customer, without the latter being able to make claims or rights whatsoever, in any capacity, even compensatory, in case of non-acceptance of the order same. The order is accepted by AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls if, within 48 hours from sending the order, the Customer does not receive other communications.

In case of non-acceptance, AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls will give notice to the customer by e-mail.

By sending the order the Customer declares to have read all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure, and to fully accept the General Conditions and payment terms described below.


All product prices are clearly indicated on the Website and are inclusive of VAT. They do not include any other taxes, duties or duties imposed by the relevant legislation applicable in case of import. In this case, the customer must provide to clear the products by paying the duties and taxes (other than VAT) possibly due in the country of importation.

The prices and availability of the products shown on the Site are subject to change at any time and without notice, provided that, limited to orders being accepted or already accepted by AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls, the sales conditions in force at the time of sending the order by the Customer.

The availability indicated in the product sheets is not updated in real time; in the event that numerous accesses to the site occur, the actual availability of the individual products may vary considerably during the same day with respect to the indications given on the Site. By virtue of these variables AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls does not guarantee, therefore, the certainty of evasion immediate delivery of products purchased and indicated as available on the Site and therefore will not be in any case responsible for any delays in delivery.

For payments by bank transfer, AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls will send the products only when the relative amount will be credited to the current account in the name of AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls.
If the delivery time of the ordered product is delayed with respect to the delivery times indicated on the Site before the order AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls undertakes to promptly notify the Customer via an e-mail message. Until the time of shipment, the customer has the right to cancel the order or change it. The cost of each shipment, the amount of which may vary depending on the method of delivery and payment as well as the destination country and the total amount of the order, is added to the total price of each purchase and is clearly indicated and communicated to the Customer before the conclusion of the Purchase Contract, within the Site.

The visual representation of products on the Site, where available, normally corresponds to the photographic image of the products themselves and has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale, without any guarantee or commitment, by AQUAUARAMA SPORTSWEAR srls, about the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the Website with the actual product (with particular reference to the chromatic aspects of the products).


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